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April 6, 2014
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Poke-Apocalypse:William by Kirsche-Nyu Poke-Apocalypse:William by Kirsche-Nyu
I'm not really good at RPing but I would love to get better at it ;v; 
This is my application for the Poke-Apocalypse group.

Name: Willam Jayce ( Liam,Will)

Age: 21

Gender:  Male ♂

Species: Meowstic

D.o.b: July 25 ♌

Job: Independent (For now)

Weapon: Umbrella/Blade

Nature:  Docile (is easily taught or handled)

Summary Characteristic: Often lost in thought

Ability: Keen Eye (Prevents loss of accuracy.)

-Safeguard :iconnormaltypeplz:
-Psyshock :iconpsychictypeplz:
-Calm Mind  :iconpsychictypeplz:
-Thunder Wave :iconelectrictypeplz:


-Post Apocalypse-

William was raised in a very welthy family in an enormous mansion with his father (a famous neurosurgeon) and his mother (an acclaimed scientist).
He had no siblings or friends whatsoever and his parents were always busy,they never had much time to spend with him,so he grew extreamly lonely. William would pass days without even looking outside,everything he would do was inside that shallow and silent home.From private teatchers to playing ball with the empty walls,you name it,his whole world was that mansion and anything he could gaze at through the windows.It never mattered how much toys or books his parent bought him,he was never actually happy.
Wich brings us to William's teen years...He passed most of his time just looking through his bedroom windowm,listening to music and/or reading his fathers medical books.
He always liked huming along with the radio/gramophone ,he listened mostly to classic piano music or jazzy blues,it somewhat calmed his soul in a way and took his mind to another world.As the years passed by he started to develop a unique passion for music (classic/jazz/blues),He dreamed of learning how to play the piano and preforming to a real audience until he couldn't keep in his will to play. He bought himself a beautiful pianoforte.
He would take piano lessons and practice everyday,all by himself,with any book or publication he could find about music.Since William was very bright and he was so determined,he learned to play many of his favorite songs in a very short amount of time...but it didn't take long until his parents didn't realize how much it ment to him. His father insisted that he would continue to study science/medicine and follow in his own footsteps but William rebelled. He refused to give up his childhood passion for anything.
His father then started to threaten to get rid of his brand new piano if he didn't "put himself together" because "his dream was never going to come true" and "he was waisting his time with such a pathetic gole". William begged and pleaded but his parents just couldn't acknowledge his love for music.
So one day he built courage with every single bit of determination inside of him,packed important items and ran away from home...leaving behind everything,his heritage,wealth, and most prized possession,his piano.He set out to a place he heard about on the radio that caught his attention called Goldenrod.
William started his pre-adulthood  always listening to his little radio, roaming the streets,not exactly sure of what to do but sure he was on a good track.Days and nights pass and he starts to get low on money,but after walking for miles and countless hitchhiking he finally arives at Goldenrod.He looks for a place to stay and finds an old hotel near a bar in the city,he now has to find a job to sustain himself.But it wasn't easy living in the city,he was constantly beat up and hit by gangs or made fun of because of his clothes,he never learned to defend himself so it was tough...and it was slowly making him colder.
The next morning he goes the close by bar and he looks around,amazed and very interested in the things he sees,for he was still getting to know the "outside world".While walking through the bar he watched how other people would talk,eat and even dress themselves.He would never see it as "disgusting" or "vulgar" like his parents did,he actually found everything quite fascinating and unique. In almost a blink of an eye he spots an old piano,up on a stage,in the back of the bar. Someone,a shady and mysterious pokemon who held and umbrella,was about to play it and perform for the people at the bar so he quickly sits down at the closest table near the stage and gazes at the pianist.He listens carefully and smiles while swaying back and forth to the music until the pianist stops. He looks up at the strange pianist and stares for a moment,confused. The pianist smiles and tells him he looked pretty happy listening to his music and offers to let him play. William looks at him very suprised but obviously accepts his offer. He sits down and stretches his hands,ready to hear the relaxing sound of the piano keys and softly starts to play one of his favorite songs. The pianist grins and after William finishes he happily offers him a job at the bar,because he was "too old" to "run things around here" and William seemed like the one,William,obviously,accepts...(*The pianist's name was Morris and he lived in a small room in the bar*)


The infection started a couple days after William got the job at the bar. Even though he was happy working there it changed him a little,he was finally maning up and was understanding how to live around those parts,he even started smoking.He thought it was somewhat,elegant and made him feel"cool and alive"
But at the bar he had also heard many rumors on the streets, read some books about sicknesses and deaths that had something to do with it the infection so he was always alert,at least thats what he thought. One night,him and Morris were ready to close ,William had learned so much about working that he couldn't wait to come back and open the next day,but little did he know,there wasn't going to be an "open the next day".
Morris grabs his umbrella and keys while holding  the door open,he then calls Will and he quickly washes his hands and heads to the door. In less than a second,two horrifing creatures pounce inside the bar and one falls straight on Morris,harshly throwing him against the floor.William steps back and stares,afraid and confused,at Morris struggling to fight back this mutated and raging animal. Morris quickly grabs his ubrella and pulls its handle down while holding its tube,hauling it out like a sword,revealing a large blade and decapitates the monster. He slowly gets back up,throwing the body off of himself and turns around,instantly the other mutated canine leaps on him and bites his neck. Blood gushes everywhere,and he screams while pushing the mutants face away,William gasps and looks around for something to use againt the mutt but before he could Morris throws his umbrella blade to him at looks him in the eye.He hesitates for a moment but then finishes off the monster with one blow.William throws the blade down and falls to the ground,then lays the poor old pokemon's head on his lap and takes a look at his wound.He feels a quick acid reflux but then places his hand on Morris's throat,trying to stop him from losing more blood. But he knows he has lost too much blood already,he wouldn't make it.William starts shivering but continues holding the wound,he assures Morris that hes gonna be okay while tears run down his face. Morris smiles and tells him to make sure that the bar stays alright,then suddenly William feels Morris's head slowly drop...
Morris was dead. He died in Williams hands. William was now all alone,again. Morris's blood was everywhere.William could hear more of those repugnant monsters coming,he could feel more of them getting closer and closer.
These thoughts shook his mind and weighed his conscience,it was slowly killing and corrupting him,until he stopped and re-built that same courage with the same single bit of determination inside he had inside and got up and cleaned out the bodies from there and sealed the bar with anything he could find inside.
For days he hid inside that bar,for weeks he cried himself to sleep for months he waited for something to happen...all alone.
"*chuckle*Feels like home."~
((He now stays at the bar,playing piano to himself,watching those monsters pass by,feeding on others.He only fights zombies when he has to. Wich happens many times becauce of survival reasons.
So for now, he waits for something,someone to come along and save him from this lonely and slow death."))

William was already very quiet as a child and very honest as a teen but he became more stern and serious after growing up in the city and after his only friend's,Morris,death.William has a rather solitary, and matter-of-fact attitude. His calm and detached demeanour has been called "cool", "hip", and "trendy" many times by Morris before he died.Despite his increasingly growing reputation and prowess as a survivor,William has shown no signs of arrogance, and is rather modest about his abilities.His naturally calm attitude is used to his advantage in battle against zombies, as it becomes easier for him to maintain his composure and stay focused on the situation at hand, and notice everything around him.As a result, he can quickly adjust to any situation to make keen and thought-out decisions, allowing him to stay steps ahead of his opponents.
Although he is very silent and doesn't express much emotion,he grew up in a very rich family and because of that he is very polite and has great manners.I like to think of him as very protective,caring and sometime even a little possessive person because,being a male meowstic,it's in his blood to be defensive and his instinct is to always protect others.


Playing piano,singing to himself,listening to music,reading,organizing,training his physical moves/foucusing,exploring,etc.

Likes & Dislikes:


+Meeting new people (he also likes to "study" strangers,to better understand their ways and how to treat them,but not in a creepy wayEW WHAT A CREEP)

+Helping,feeling useful

+Protecting the things that are important to him



-Deathwolves (specifically,because of Morris)

-Blood (Large amounts can even paralize him)

-Scratched vinyl records,broken instruments,wet/ripped musical paper sheets


-He is very sensivite to some explicit types of weather,since he grew up always indoors. That also means that he has a very weak organism so he gets colds,allergies and other sicknesses easily.

-He keeps an emergency cigarette box in his pocket at all times,it's the last he has so he tries to be preservative,only using them in life or death situations

-After Morris died,he took his umbrella/blade and uses it as his own.

-He,most of the time,tries not to release his  formidable psychic eye power in battle because he can't controle it very well.(but he would love to learn more about it because hes a nerd)

-He does not like talking about his past and actually hates the fact that he grew up in a wealthy family and would never mention it unless he was dead serious. (He considered Morris as a father more than he did his own)

-His ears and tails are very sensitive and usually jitters by the touch.

-He is very shy but extra protective and kind with women.

-He doesn't admit it but he is very neat and likes to organize/clean random things around the bar.(bottles,tables and chairs,etc.)

-Has great medical and scientific knowledge from reading books and by being forced to follow into his parents footsteps.

-He always thinks about going back to his old home one day....soon...
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